High Perforamce Design/Build

Through Wolin's Design/Build capabilities, clients benefit in several ways compared to the traditional design/bid/build approach.

Not least among them is the need for having a single point of responsibility. Having Wolin solely accountable for the cost, schedule and performance of a project not only minimizes client risk, but reduces the time a project is completed. In fact, studies have shown that buildings employing the design/build model, such as the one Wolin offers, are usually completed 33.5% faster and for 6.1% less capital than buildings created under the design/bid/build method.*

The earlier the construction costs of a project are known, the sooner a client can make informed decisions regarding its construction. Wolin's Design/Build approach eliminates the long delay for bidding that design/bid/build requires, and delivers construction costs early in the process. There is also no time wasted informing bidders about the scope of a project or getting the winner up to speed to begin construction. With Wolin, the work continues unabated, and with fewer potential problems.

With its team of innovative engineers, energy efficiency experts and construction management professionals, Wolin's Design/Build approach offers expertise on both stages of a project. Clients are no longer forced to serve as administrators, arbiters and peacekeepers between two companies with different objectives and often, different excuses.

Instead, Wolin unifies both sides, and the resultant harmony leads to greater innovation and teamwork. When Wolin engineers know Wolin technicians are involved, they are free to design at a more technical and creative level, safe in the knowledge that their ideas can and will be executed precisely.

Wolin's Design/Build process creates facilities with innovative infrastructure, completed on schedule and under budget, with less risk and administrative burdens on the client.

*Sanvido, Victor and Konchar, Mark; Selecting Project Delivery Systems; Project Delivery Institute, 1999

More Benefits of Wolin's Design/Build Capabilities:

Promotes partnership and innovation

Costs are well known in advance of design completion

Allows budget to influence design

Promotes creative thinking to meet challenges

Minimizes reworking of design