As power distribution, power wiring systems and sustainable energy technologies become more efficient and refined, Wolin capitalizes on this progress by creating internal delivery systems that enhance the quality and reliability of the power arriving from utility companies, wind turbines and the sun at today’s energy-reliant office buildings, schools, hospitals and homes.

Wolin's dedicated team of engineers, LEED APs and project managers work on all types of commercial and industrial systems, designing coordinated solutions for every customer and individual project. Identifying the resources and budgets that each client has on the front end not only saves time, but pre-empts many problems while solving others quickly and efficiently. These certified and licensed electrical professionals are familiar with the latest methods and systems, ensuring clients of receiving the latest code-compliant systems.

Clients wishing to incorporate renewable energy in their projects and properties can rely on Wolin's experienced solar energy team, headed by trained PV Installation Professionals certified by the independent North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. The team's recent sustainable energy projects include installing a 63 kW DC ballasted system on the roof of the Varied Industries Building at Iowa State Fairgrounds consisting of 247 solar panels; a 27.5 kW solar system for the Des Moines Area Rapid Transit building, and a 26 kW system added to Wolin’s office that produces 14% of the company's electricity needs, plus solar installations on private residences across Iowa.

Power services include:

  • Systems design, analysis and installation
  • Constructability studies
  • Cost trending
  • Selective coordination and arc flash studies
  • System maintenance including thermal imaging

Examples of system types:

Whether clients require new construction, renovation, green integration or service, Wolin has the resources to meet their needs.