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Energy Monitoring

While HVAC, lighting and power systems can account for up to 90% of a facility's energy consumption, oftentimes building owners and managers are unaware of how much electricity, natural gas, water and other utilities their facilities consume.  Because this information can affect profitability, knowing the amount and rate of usage can be critical.

Wolin's Energy Monitoring service can provide this data as it happens, in real time.  Armed with the facts, clients can make educated decisions about their businesses, their operations and the impact their energy consumption has on the bottom line.

The Energy Monitoring program begins by identifying normal operating parameters, and then alerting the client whenever those parameters are exceeded. Data mining and analysis are key components.

Most companies concentrate on their core businesses; analyzing energy consumption is one of Wolin's. It is the firm's mission to obtain and evaluate clients' energy consumption to identify waste and provide sustainable solutions.