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Open Source Building Automation Services

Wolin's SFS system provides clients unparalleled Building Automation Systems simplicity by using only open source, non-proprietary platforms and components.   This also makes the system extremely cost effective for superior value. Each system is fully customized to achieve the greatest effectiveness and safety at the lowest cost.  They are never forced to pay for features and functions that are unwanted or unnecessary.

Some of the benefits of the Wolin Sustainable Facility Solutions system include:

  • No PC is required, so no maintenance, updates or upgrades are required
  • Web-based connectivity to access the system from anywhere 
  • Open source software that needs no licensing fees
  • All components operate using standard protocols so no custom programming is required
  • Programming access codes are provided - the client gets the keys
  • Professional engineers that understand the entire system operation, not just the programming
  • PC, tablet and smartphone compatibility 
  • Email, text and voice alerts/alarms provide notificationimmediately
Wolin is challenging and changing the building automation industry one facility at a time.