Heating, ventilating and air conditioning, grouped under the acronym of HVAC, requires combining all three into an integrated system that not only keeps all inhabitants comfortable according to their personal preferences, but also employing the most robust energy efficient heating and cooling equipment that matches a facilities needs.

While many facilities are alike, each is unique in some way, requiring customization in some respect. To understand and define goals, before work begins, Wolin undertakes a thorough environmental analysis. Then, from blueprint to occupation and beyond, we can implement all of a building's HVAC requirements. Wolin engineers design, LEED APs economize, project managers process, and field technicians implement. Together, they can accommodate systems of any design or type.

To better benefit clients, every Wolin employee is encouraged to get involved in the process. Team members participate vertically to allow more voices to be heard on each project. By allowing each team member to offer input, costs and time are saved, and satisfaction is increased. In fact, some of Wolin's greatest achievements come from its exceptional field technicians.

HVAC services include:

  • Systems Design
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Installation
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Renovation
  • Remodeling