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Pine Ridge Farms

Year Completed: 2012
Categories: All , Industrial
Services Provide: Automation , Mechanical , Electrical , Industrial Communications , HVAC , Code Welding , Plumbing , Process , Power , Lighting , Communication & Cabling

Dedicated to providing safe and wholesome pork products, Pine Ridge Farms is achieving their goal of providing the highest quality, innovative, value-added fresh and frozen pork products with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

Wolin has been helping Pine Ridge Farms achieve these goals since their inception in 2004. 

By providing complete engineered MEP solutions, we've helped them improve their systems and processes, as well as lowering their operating costs through Sustainable Solutions.

From High Pressure Return Systems to Wireless Automation Systems, Pine Ridge Farms has utilized our entire range of services. 

The partnership created though successful projects have led to many innovations. We're proud of the joint efforts and the end results achieved.  

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