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Year Completed: 1997
Categories: All , Retro Commissioning , Work Spaces
Services Provide: Sustainable , Automation , Mechanical , Solutions for Your Building , Benchmark Your Building , Sustainable Mechanical Service , Open Source Building Automation Services , HVAC , Plumbing

Wolin was part of the original construction team on this award winning project in 1997. We've been maintaining the facility ever since.

A complete energy assessment was performed in 2011. This assessment provided the necessary information the IMTA executive team needed to make informed decisions and choices regarding their building operations. As a result, Wolin installed their Sustainable Facility Solutions™ BAS, providing IMTA an ROI of less than 5 years.

Additionally, the assessment found the local utility company had the facility on an incorrect rate tariff. Upon presenting the facts to the Utility, IMTA was given a credit on account that was equal to almost a years worth of utility bills.

Successful long term relationships are recognized as one of our greatest accomplishments.