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Year Completed: 2014
Categories: All
Services Provide: Sustainable , Mechanical , Solutions for Your Building , Energy Monitoring , Industrial Communications , HVAC

In May of 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency finalized emission requirements for stationary diesel generator sets.  The goal of these requirements were primarily aimed at reducing carbon monoxide discharge.  While the requirements were complicated they had far reaching and broad applicability to over one million “gen sets” located throughout the United States currently utilized in emergency and non-emergency situation.  


The requirements are most generally met with the installation of a diesel oxidation catalyst and crankcase ventilator on the exhaust side of the generator.  These installations can be difficult as the generators are often housed in buildings specifically constructed to house them.


As one of the industry’s foremost suppliers of diesel generators Ziegler Caterpillar was positioned to provide solutions to customer in need of complying with the EPA’s new regulations.  Ziegler looked to Wolin for expertise and partnership in traveling throughout the State of Iowa upgrading existing catalysts to cut emissions and meet new standards.  

To date we have completed approximately 40 installations throughout Iowa.