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Composites One

Year Completed: 2010
Categories: All , Industrial , Work Spaces
Services Provide: Automation , Mechanical , Electrical , Benchmark Your Building , Sustainable Electric Service , Sustainable Mechanical Service , Open Source Building Automation Services , HVAC , Plumbing , Power , Lighting , Communication & Cabling

Composites One is the leading distributor of composites materials in North America. This facility in Grimes is one of a network of 32 local distribution centers. 

Three main areas of focus for the project were Health, Safety and Environment. As many of the products are rated as hazardous materials, the designs of the spaces housing them are required to meet the H classification of the International Building Code. 

The H Classification created numerous challenges for the MEP systems. This included but was not limited to:

  • Explosion Proof HVAC components
  • Hazardous Location Lighting Fixtures
  • Class I Division I Wiring Systems
Based on the occupancy classification, roof mounted smoke/heat vents were required as well. Wolin, utilizing an exception found in the International Mechanical Code, engineered a mechanical heat and smoke removal system that eliminated the roof penetrations, and saved approximately 50% as compared to the roof mounted smoke/heat vents.

Extensive programming with the Owner and Design Team ensured today’s needs were met, and tomorrow’s expansion was prepared for. 

  • Composites One
  • Composites One