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Benchmark Your Building

By utilizing the latest computing technology and processes, Wolin can monitor a facilities overall performance, including temperature, lighting, humidity and ventilation levels to give owners an overall picture of their building's energy consumption. A detailed analysis will indicate exactly where a facility may be wasting energy and increasing its carbon footprint. This report allows the professionals at Wolin to identify and recommend the appropriate corrective measures.

Step 1: FREE EPA ENERGY STAR Benchmark

This benchmark report is offered at no cost to qualifying entities within our market. It will help determine how efficiently your facility is operating versus peer buildings, comparing size and energy costs. We determine your building's operating parameters, and offer no or low-cost solutions.

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Benchmark Your Facility

Step 2: Identify Cost Saving Opportunities

To complete an assessment of cost saving opportunities we install our recorders and monitors in your facility to determine opportunities for energy reduction. By monitoring temperature, lighting, humidity and ventilation levels, the findings also reveal your carbon footprint. We can then recommend additional no or low-cost strategies to provide sustainable options for your facility.

Step 3: Propose and Implement Retrofits

Wolin Building Solutions are sustainable, comprehensive engineered options designed to provide a measurable and superior return on investment through improved cash flow and lower life cycle costs. Wolin helps businesses improve efficiency, minimize costs and even gain a competitive advantage. You'll find that our energy services typically pay-back in months. More importantly, cash flow improvements are immediate.

Wolin believes businesses benefit financially by continually improving their management of energy resources, and the environment benefits from reduced levels of related pollution. We are proud to offer services and products that can assist businesses who have committed to the goals of ENERGY STAR.