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Sustainable Electrical Services

Wolin doesn't create the building, but it does everything to maximize its use by making a comfortable, productive and smarter environment for its inhabitants.

Wolin's electrical teams approach every project from a standpoint of sustainability. It's not enough of design and install operational power, lighting and data systems; each Wolin project must be able to provide years of unrestricted use, remain viable, economically efficient, and safe. By identifying and assessing the needs of the client, including budget, financial goals, how the facility is utilized and more, Wolin's electrical teams make recommendations that ensure all objectives are met. Data and communications systems are installed that can accept the pace of technology with its growing bitrates and functionality.

A Leader in Solar Power and Wind Energy Systems

To benefit clients and the environment mutually, Wolin is a leader in applying sustainable solar and wind energy solutions where appropriate.  Solar power, termed PV (for photovoltaic) energy, converts the rays of the sun into electricity for use in a building's HVAC, water heating and electrical systems, reducing clients' dependence on non-renewable and diminishing fossil fuels.

The Gold Standard in Solar Energy

Wolin's solar energy team is led by trained PV Installation Professionals certified by NABCEP, or North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, Inc., the gold standard for renewable energy professionals.  Their added insight and training provide Wolin clients quality installation, greater energy efficiency and long term reliability of PV energy systems that provide return on investment each day.