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Sustainable Mechanical Services

Wolin is at the forefront of sustainability efforts that incorporate the efficient use of natural resources. To better assist clients and communities in achieving sustainability, Wolin has on staff employees who hold both the CEM (Certified Energy Manager) and CP EnMS (Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems) designations. In Iowa, Wolin is the only contractor that can make this claim.

Through on-staff resources such as the aforementioned CEMs, and LEED APs, or in concert with the EPA's ENERGY STAR program, Wolin is creating and maintaining indoor environments that consume less energy, lower carbon output and improve overall productivity.

The firm has designed, installed and currently maintains more geothermal systems than any other similar firm in central Iowa. This includes closed loop systems (utilizing both horizontal and vertical well designs) as well as open loop (pump and dump) systems. Thanks to Wolin, offices, banks, educational facilities, recreational facilities, pools, condos, retail facilities and others are being heated and cooled utilizing the Earth's internal heat as the energy source—and paying 25% to 50% less than traditional heating and cooling methods.

Wolin has also installed countless Energy Recovery Systems that reclaim energy that normally goes unused down drains and out exhaust pipes, reducing clients' energy costs while allowing them to contribute to energy conservation.

Wolin helps businesses further reduce costs—during construction and throughout the life of a building—by participating in energy efficiency rebate programs offered by utility companies. The firm is an ENERGY STAR partner in addition to being the 52nd certified GreenStar contractor in the nation.

Wolin's sustainable services include: