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Solutions for Your Building

Buildings are built to last. Unfortunately, inside they're built using the technology of the time. While functional at the begining, original heating, cooling and electrical systems often become outdated and inefficient as new technologies emerge, fuel prices rise, and the way people work changes.

Working in close collaboration with owners, architects and other industry firms, Wolin professionals apply their knowledge and creativity to minimize or avoid obsolescence. They use their prescience gained from decades of experience and understanding of changing industry trends to create a building whose interior workings adapt to changing uses and occupants, always performing efficiently and reliably for generations. Old buildings become revitalized, whereas new buildings become epitomes of contemporary infrastructure.

   New or Existing Building
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Wolin Building Solutions

Wolin Building Solutions™ are sustainable, comprehensive engineered options designed to provide a measurable and superior return on investment through improved cash flow and lower life cycle costs. Wolin helps businesses improve efficiency, minimize costs and even gain a competitive advantage.

Whether working on new construction or retrofitting an existing building, long-term efficiencies, comfort and budget adherence are at the forefront. Meeting these expectations is what makes Wolin the premier Sustainable Solutions provider for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and BAS service in Iowa.

To get started, benchmark your building's sustainability.